Catty Shack ‘Pro-Pouch’ 10 pack


The Pro-Pouch comes in various sizes to match the size of the ammunition to the size of the ball. This will optimise accuracy.

Full details and description below. Sold in packs of 10.



The Pro-Pouch came about by looking at where I thought I could make improvements for the more advanced shooter. Accuracy depends solely on perfect repetition, and the Pro-Pouch is designed to make that easier. For those just starting out, please see the Zeppelin or Bullet Pouch range.

By slimming the pouch down, for example, on the 10-11mm ammo pouch (65×21), there is just 5 or 6mm of material either side of the ball, depending on which ammo size you’re using obviously. That gives the overall pouch at the very widest point, just 21mm width, radically tapering down to just 11mm at the band attachment, making this a very slimline pouch. To ensure the ball stays well placed in the centre of the pouch, optimum sized centre holes are used for each individual pouch. This pouch has also been increased by 5mm in length, allowing more material to grip without interfering with the ball, for a more secure hold.

So what are the advantages of a slimline pouch? Easier repeated location in between the fingers, allows you to feel the exact position of the ball every time, aiding the ease of more precise repetition (better repeatable accuracy). Better clearance of the fork tips when using OTT set-ups. The edges of the pouch will not curl up when gripping, which can potentially cause small sideways shifts of the ball in the pouch (losing accuracy). The optimum centre hole sizes also aid in keeping the ball securely located. Pouches have also been increased by 5mm in length, allowing more material to grip without interfering with the ball or band location points, for a more secure hold (apart from the 12-14mm pouch, I didn’t feel it was necessary here)

These pouches are laser cut for precision, from our non-stretch 2mm luxury superfibre, and can be used time and time again. They can be used red or black side, whichever you prefer.

55 x 17 – (5mm centre hole) 8mm – 9mm ammunition

65 x 21 (5mm centre hole) 8mm – 10mm ammunition

65 x 21 (7mm centre hole) 10mm – 11mm ammunition

80 x 26 (8mm centre hole) 12mm – 14mm ammunition

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 2 cm
Pouch Size

55×17 / 8mm-9mm, 65×21 / 8mm-10mm, 65×21 / 10mm-11mm, 80×26 / 12-14mm


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